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Photos + CD packages

CD contains ALL OF THE PICTURES taken during the session, in high resolution and royalty free, so you can copy, modify and print as you wish!

CD + 20 enlargements 5″x7″

No session fees and no moving fees.

Products Descriptions prices
Baby/children cd + 20 pics 5X7 199.99$
Family (dad, mom, children) cd + 20 pics 5X7 239.99$
Maternity cd + 20 pics 5X7 259.99$
Before/after (2X) cd + 20 pics 5X7 425.99$
Baptisms cd + 30 pics 5X7 399.99$ et +
Groups, events, first communion, confirmation, etc. cd + 20 pics 5X7 299.99$ et +
Package photos without cd (Baby/children) 10 pics 5X7 109.99$
Package photos without cd (Baby/children) 20 pics 5X7 149.99$

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